Here is my little patch of mint, just out from my back door in a mix of shade and sun. I know it is going to spread but it’s easy to just pull up the runners when they’ve got out of control, but it is such a gorgeous smell.

I have no idea what sort it is as I got it from someone else’s garden but it has very soft and furry leaves and now that it’s finally settled in it has taken off, sending long shoots straight up in the air.

The other day I made mint jelly for the first time, was quite nice but a bit too strong a vinegar taste for my liking so I need to work on the recipe I use.


My little thyme plant is starting to take off nicely (it was actually a wedge of thyme cut out of my Dad’s large patch – he’s no longer growing herbs for Southern Light Herbs so is letting his large-scale stuff be cut back – just concentrating on growing plenty of veggies for themselves now) 

I love the smell of thyme and will be looking into what wonderful things I can do with it. I want to be not only growing the herbs I want to be utilising them properly.

If anyone has some wonderful uses for thyme please let me know, whether adding just for its pure flavour or for making a marinade or dressing or other uses around the house.

Tomato Plants

My miniature tomato plants

Close to my back door , up against the tin fence I have put in 2 tomato plants, somehow I have managed to lose the tags for these but they are different types of the smaller tomatoes. As you can see I have them staked and tied with pieces of material, I am going to put in another stake in front of the plants as the growth is really quite amazing and I want them well supported so that the stems don’t break.

This one above seems to be different from the normal shape of a small tomato, I wonder what sort it is and hope it’s just as tasty.

Can’t wait until the first one ripens, nothing is as sweet as eaten straight off the plant, and they are so tasty and yummy in salads.


This is my chilli plant collection on my front veranda.


Jalapeno – a very fiery variety which can be both green or red when ripe and it has a very thick fleshy skin.

Birdseye Thai – another hot variety that has a lot of heat in a small parcel, the fruit goes from green to red as it ripens.

Salsa – An Australian bred sweet variety, the fruit is red when fully mature.

Firecracker – A chilli that has been developed specifically for growing in pots.

Habanero – One of the hottest chilli’s in the world, therefore they must be handled very carefully, the fruit is bright orange in colour.

Thai – another Australian breed, the fruit changed colour depending on maturity and weather conditions from green, cream, purple to red.

Ebony Fire – The dark coloured leaves provide a contrast with the mass of fruit that mature from deep purple/black to red.

Welcome to my garden

I have lived in this house for 15 years.

During that time (due to laziness, depression, lack of organisation, A grade efforts in procrastination, lack of support and general lack of knowledge) I have not managed to establish any sort of decent garden and it is something I seriously regret because if I had been organised I would have had some lovely shade trees and created micro climates that would have helped make the garden I dream about when I look in magazines and books.

My garden is only small but I dream of fruit trees, a herb garden and a vegetable garden like I remember from my childhood, this garden helped to feed us with many wonderful and varied vegetables and I remember being amazed by what my dad could manage to grow.

I have made a start, my mother gave me three miniature fruit trees that are the grafted kind with three varieties on each. I would have preferred full-sized trees with ideas of planning an orchard (on a small-scale of course) around them but I will take what I have been given and work with it. I think for my birthday this year I will ask for more fruit trees from my family…..this means I need to research what grows well and easy in my area to make sure I am not fighting against the odds with what I plant in my ground.

I also have  just put in some tomato, capsicum and chilli plants. The chilli plants I have used on my front porch, planted up in some pots that I have had for a long time that I originally had cactus plants in, they never did well and it just looked wrong. I am quite happy with the effect that this has created on what is a really cruddy looking space to be greeting everyone with. I have staked and planted the tomatoes against the back fence next to what herbs I already have in the ground (apple mint, thyme, oregano and chives) this has been mulched with some hay as I slowly work form a corner against the back porch, digging deep to remove all the invasive runners from this horrible mix of lawn that I have that seems to take over everything.


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